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Chief Digital Strategist & Co-Founder

As the Co-Founder and CEO of our Digital Marketing Agency, Anton Osipov is an exceptional tour de force. His remarkable journey spans over a decade in the competitive heart of Silicon Valley, where he worked with renowned tech giants and vibrant startups alike. His unique experiences at Google, Apple, VMware, PayPal, and Intuit have enriched him with a profound understanding of digital marketing trends, analytics, and best practices. This expertise is his secret sauce, enabling him to tailor strategic masterpieces that resonate with the unique needs of each client. Anton’s impressive knack for transforming data into actionable insights has positioned him as a trusted guide in the labyrinth of digital marketing, helping businesses navigate and thrive in this ever-evolving realm.


Innovative Relationship Architect & Co-Founder

Astrid Abrahamyan, the Co-Founder and COO of our Digital Marketing Agency, is a beacon of creativity, communication excellence, and unparalleled relationship-building finesse. These are the ingredients of her magic potion that ensures our approach transcends beyond the realm of numbers and data. It's this unique blend that shapes a client experience that's as engaging and memorable as it is effective. Astrid's holistic and empathetic approach to marketing, coupled with her unwavering commitment to outstanding client service, sets a gold standard in the industry. Her role in the agency isn't just about running operations smoothly – it's about ensuring that our strategies are infused with an innovative spark and a profound understanding of each client's unique journey and vision.




In the dynamic year of 2020, a spark of vision ignited an ambitious endeavor. Two remarkable talents, Anton Osipov and Astrid Abrahamyan, decided to meld their distinct expertise into an unprecedented project. Anton, a seasoned data scientist with a knack for digital marketing, and Astrid, a brilliant persona endowed with exceptional relationship-building acumen and creative prowess, established a groundbreaking Digital Marketing Agency. This convergence marked the inception of an extraordinary venture, an agency designed to not just keep pace with the digital marketing world's rapid evolution but to lead its charge and shape its future.

On their shared journey of innovation and collaboration, Anton and Astrid set a clear mission for their agency: to surpass the expectations of every client they serve. Underpinned by this collective commitment, they quickly assembled a robust team of experts, each bringing their unique talents and insights to the table. Through a shared vision, they began to build the agency, instilling in it a culture of relentless innovation, mutual respect, and a passion for achieving and maintaining excellence.

Today, their joint venture stands as a formidable player in the digital marketing arena. The foundations laid by Anton and Astrid, coupled with the expertise of their dedicated team, has resulted in a dynamic agency that commands respect and trust. As the agency continues to grow, it does so with an unwavering commitment to its core mission - delivering tangible results to clients while navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. Poised to make a lasting impact, the Digital Marketing Agency is set on an upward trajectory, powered by innovation, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to its clients' success.

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